Beast-Master Balinoc

The sinister Master of Games.


Balinoc is ancient, even for an elf, his pallid skin a testament to his age. His fiery red eyes seem to appraise all they fall upon. His ornate black armor hangs loosely upon his emaciated frame, showing nearly as much age as his scarred face. He stands six feet, four inches tall, and carries himself with a disturbing grace that belies his age. Most disturbing of all however are his hands, which never seem to be still, his long, slender fingers writhing about as if possessed of their own will.


Balinoc has been the Master of Games for as long as anyone can remember. His keen eye for spotting the potential in slaves is nearly legendary, matched only by his natural showmanship. It is rumored that he once fought in the arena, centuries ago, and that he earned his freedom with a river of blood. Since that time he has overseen more blood sports, and trained more gladiators than any other servant of the Beast-Gods. His love of the arena seems second only to his devotion to the church. Beneath the genial exterior of a skilled showman lies the heart of a bloodthirsty sadist however, and nothing irks this sinister elf more than seeing someone successfully endure his torments. So it is that he has become obsessed with his former slave, Vandal Brandt. He would like nothing better than to see the orc broken, and humiliated. He dares not act openly however, since for the time being Brandt has won the adulation of the masses with his heroic victory in the arena, and his subsequent success as a Revenant. Though he knows the orcs fame will wane, and when it does his superior position among the Beast-Masters will grand him the resources to bring the proud orc to his knees.

Beast-Master Balinoc

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