Lady Rosalynd Blanc

A devout servant of the Beast-Gods.


Lady Rosalynd Blanc is a truly beautiful woman. Her long, curling locks shimmer white as snow, making a striking contrast to her rosy skin. High arched brows, and aquiline nose, high cheekbones, and a slender yet strong jaw adorn her lovely face. Pearly white teeth flash from behind full red lips, and an inner fire burns from within her violet eyes. Lean, and muscular, her slender form hides a surprisingly prodigious strength. Yet hidden beneath her blackened armor are surprisingly soft, and lush curves that accentuate her femininity. A crown of blackened steel thorns adorns her head, an affectation allowed by her superiors. She carries a slender basket-hilted broadsword upon her hip, and a shield decorated with the silver tri-horned skull of the Beast-Gods' servants hangs upon her arm. She wears the armor of an Inquisitor, spiked black plate with silver accents over antiqued chain. Upon her back she bears a lethal twin-armed crossbow, capable of firing two separate shots before requiring reloading, and a case of razor tipped bolts hangs upon her belt.


Rosalynd Blanc was born the daughter of heretics, her parents sacrificed to the Beast-Gods when she was only a toddler. Like most orphans in these benighted lands she found herself brought into the "care" of the church. Most orphans become slaves, raised to serve the Beast-Masters whims, but Rosalynd showed an inner fire that impressed her would be masters. So it was that she became one of the fortunate few to be adopted by the church. Along with a few dozen of her peers she grew under the domineering eye of a Mistress of Indoctrination. Taught that heresy would bring the wrath of the Beast-Gods down upon the hapless public, and that only the church could defend against such tragedy, Rosalynd slowly learned to hate her lost parents. Soon enough she embraced the faith of the Beast-Masters, much like the rest of the children she grew up with. As she grew into a woman Rosalynd showed a particular talent for deducing the truth, supplemented by a naturally inquisitive mind. This combined with her icy temper, and outspoken hatred of heresy drew special attention from her Mistress. She soon began receiving martial training, and it quickly became apparent that she was a natural warrior. So it was that along with a handful of the other children she was inducted into the Inquisition. Even as a lowly squire Rosalynd showed an unusual passion for her new-found role, as well as a unique gift for sniffing out heresy, and forbidden magic. She ascended the ranks quickly, becoming a full Knight of the Inquisition at a surprisingly young age. by the time she was thirty she had earned the rank of Commander, and been placed in charge of a full troop of Inquisitors. Her steel crown, and snow white hair becoming a symbol of fear for all those who dared flout the churches laws. Yet despite her continued success, and growing fame, the Lady Rosalynd is not pleased. As the years have passed, and untold gallons of blood spilled, she has begun to be plagued by doubts. Doubts that would see her blood fed to the Beast-Gods by her own compatriots should she ever voice them. She dares confide only in her loyal second, Sir Behrak Devrain, a seasoned veteran that has served faithfully for decades.

Lady Rosalynd Blanc

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