Lexahl Dhun

A grizzled veteran of the order.


Lexahl Dhun has a wiry strength that can be surprising to those who do not know him. He stands at five feet ten inches, and weighs approximately one hundred and sixty pounds. His long black hair frames a handsome, albeit rugged face.


Lexahl Dhun has been a Revenant for nearly thirty years. During his youth he was something of a legend, having slain more beasts than any other living member of the order. Now that he is growing old he spends more time in Voshterne, the city on the edge of the Rift, training new recruits in the techniques used by the order. His best, and most promising student is the former gladiator Vandal Brandt, who has become a legend in his own right. The two share a rough, and ready friendship forged from mutual respect, and the bond between student and teacher. In many ways Lexahl Dhun has become the father that Brandt never knew.

Lexahl Dhun

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