Sir Behrak Devrain

An aging Inquisitor, harboring secret doubts.


Sir Behrak bears his years with dignity. His leathery skin is lined with the cares of decades of service, but beneath the lines of age a handsome warrior can still be seen. His firm jaw, and strong chin are hidden behind a full white beard while an equally magnificent mustache hides his thin lips. His hawk like nose juts out from between prominent cheekbones. Under thick, craggy brows his dark, jungle green eyes still sparkle with intelligence. A corona of long white hair surrounds his balding pate. His broad shoulders, and thick bull-like neck show that age has not weakened this mighty warrior. He stands strong at six feet tall, his stout barrel like torso filling out the hardened leather armor of a Knight of the Inquisition easily. His only consolation to age is a thick black wolf-fur cloak which he wears over his armor. He wields a massive two-handed sword with the skill, and dexterity of a much younger warrior.


Sir Behrak Devrain has served the Inquisition, and the church nearly his entire life. For forty five years (out of his sixty years of life) he has brought the enemies of the Beast-Gods to justice. Many times he has been marked for promotion, but his irreverent attitude, and openly out-spoken belief that Inquisitors should do more to protect the common people have always held him back. So it is that he has found himself as a Knight-Lieutenant under a much younger Commander. Nevertheless his commander, the Lady Rosalynd Blanc, has won his unwavering loyalty. Her devotion to justice, and willingness to go out of her way to aid the rabble have won him over. So it is that when the beautiful young half-elf confides in Sir Behrak, revealing growing doubts, and a shaken faith he willingly keeps her secret. For Sir Behrak harbors a secret of his own, his constant companion, a raven named Kalo is in truth more than he seems.

Sir Behrak Devrain

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