Kuggoth Ledian Vigroht "Violet"

A gruff Revenant who seeks recognition.


Built like a green brick house, Violet stands as a inarguable example of female might. Her dense muslcatur allows her flexiblity and strength in the use of her spear “Dragontooth”. Her lips are not naturally purple, but her hair is of such an iridescent black that natural oils of her scalp give it an undeniable purple cast, a fact that her sister envies. Her eyes are hard and a blaze with anger, determination, and sheer arrogance. Her brow is furrowed from years of battle cries, scowling, and hard dry plainswind. Her armor is careworn and frequently changed out, with little ornamentation besides the two sword and circle brooches that represent her proud Kuggoth lineage.


Inheriting her mother’s gruffness and drive, but her grandmother’s practicallity and a little more of her sister’s sentiment than she will ever admit, Violet seeks the respect of her clan and a single kind word from the woman who gave her life. Violet’s training has left her well rounded: her mother bashed her body with days of weapons training even as she was a small child, and her grandmother rushed to teach her letters. The Revnants found Violet to be a promising and quiet well prepared pupil, but were unprepared for her decided lack of diplomacy (an lesson her older sister Hyacinth tried to instill in her).

This hot headedness has burned many of the easy bridges from the low ranks to the recognition she craves, and has only earned her acidic criticism from her mother. These slights are doubly infuriating in their open-faced hypocrisy, since (Mother’s Name) was known for her own outbursts. Consequently, Violet has been given the most menial jobs that lie far under her talent, and in the Revenant barracks she is known as “Cat-bagger Violet”, for a particularly humiliating job involving the capture of a “menacing threat” that turned out to be a three legged house cat. Of course, they don’t say this to her face. Her magic spear has silenced many foes and critics alike.

Kuggoth Ledian Vigroht "Violet"

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