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The Rift exhales frigid air into a world of brutality, decadence, strife, and famine. The priests of the Beast-Gods claim that the Rift is the source of all the horrors that have driven mankind from his halcyon days. From rolling hills, and glittering cites, to high walled fortresses and smut-pocked fields fear rules. Medusa petrify lost sailors into horrific sculptures, whilst malevolent clouds of ravenous locusts reap fields of golden wheat. Grooms are devoured on their wedding night by the unliving, and even the very thorns and brambles have acquired a taste for the blood of the living.

The Beast-Masters rule with an iron fist, demanding tribute from atop their great temple on the edge of the Rift: “Give us your worst criminals! Your thieves, your rapists, your murderers, your deviants, and your freaks! The Beast-Gods hunger for sacrifice, and they will not be denied! If you do not yield to them, they will send their horrific broods of monsters to claim their due!”

Countless men and women, guilty and innocent alike, are cast into the Rift in vain hopes that their blood shall assuage the Beast-Gods. The fortunate few become slaves instead, “blessed” by these divine extortionists.

Only the desperate, and the bold dare remember the old gods, and ancient rites. Hunted constantly by the Beast-Masters inquisitors they practice their heresy in forest glens, and dank basements, hidden away from prying eyes.

Meanwhile church sanctioned mercenaries known as Revenants extort the people of what little they have to spare in exchange for their services. Hunting the creatures spat up from the Rift, they often become little better than the monsters they stalk.

Such is the world that we shall explore here in our campaign wiki.


Main Page

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